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The newest refinement in steel string guitar design

The Ali’i Acoustic features a 12th fret body connection that keeps the bridge in the center of the lower bout, composite open/closed X-bar and 7-fan bracing. 

Open bracing means that the large X-braces connect to the top at the ends, like a bridge. This is done on the bass side to allow freer movement of the top while still providing the required strength. On treble side there are closed, scalloped braces where the top needs to vibrate but at shorter wavelengths. The fan bracing is also asymmetrical with open, low bracing on the bass side to tight, focused bracing on the treble side of the instrument. This steel string has it all: Deep rich bass with clear focused trebles. The bracing design was modeled after an acoustic guitar built by Jeffrey Elliott. In a way, it is the steel string adaptation of the magnificent Hauser instrument.

This guitar is available with a compound-curve cutaway for ease of playing in the instrument’s upper register. The compound curve allows the side to come in flush to the angled heel for a smooth, unobstructive surface and a sleek look.

Listen to an Ali'i Steel String

Performed by Doug Smith

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