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Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

The design goal for this guitar was to build a lightweight semi-hollow body guitar that is singularly beautiful and captured both feminine and organic aesthetics. Use of first-class tonewoods, top shelf components, and impeccable workmanship ensure that this guitar sounds and plays as good as it looks.
The Kilauea is constructed of a solid bookmatched maple top, thin mahogany body, sapele neck and rosewood fretboard. The body and headstock feature real maple bindings. F-holes and resonance chambers reduce weight, amplify acoustics, and give a rich tone to the instrument. Double cutaway design facilitates playing in the upper registers of the neck and further reduces weight. Vintage oval Gotoh tuners adorn the Holmstrom designed lightweight headstock. The neck has two carbon fiber rods and a conventional double action truss rod. Parsons Street vintage humbuckers are used, and an autumn sunburst completes it.

“Kilauea” Electric Portfolio