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About White Guitars & Ukulele Pu’uwai

Pu’uwai is the Hawaiian word for heart and heart is what it is all about. Not only does the rhythm of the guitar and the ukulele replicate the heartbeat but when pursued with passion music can find its way into the soul. Handmade instruments have that extra depth of character and quality of sound that can touch the deepest place in our being. We strive to create instruments, which are playable, feel right to the touch, and aesthetically take your breath away.

Just as some musicians hear the muse and play honest, passionate music, reflective of the human situation; full of pathos, ecstasy, sensuousness, real music; Tarrega’, Sor, Barrios, Miles Davis, Clapton, the Beatles, and so many more, we provide the vehicles to get there. 

Our instruments are individually hand crafted for serious musicians and professionals according to the principles and techniques proven by master builders. Woodley and his son, Tristan, use the best materials and finest craftsmanship of the luthier’s art.

Woodley has been building instruments since 1992.